Why it’s easy to learn piano first than guitar



As a beginner, the common question is “what is the best choice of learning Guitar or Piano at the beginning “. In the entire session, we will try to clear up your mind about this question. Hopefully, it will help you to understand you better. Now, the thing is at the first glance, it seems easier to learn guitar than piano at the beginning. As an acoustic guitar has only six strings and it seems quite fun playing them. In reality, playing guitar is lot more fun. On the other hand, a piano has 88 keys to play. Bigger keyboard than the guitar’s fretboard. But, the thing is playing the piano is a lot easier than playing guitar. Why did I say this? The answer to the question will gradually understand by you. We will try to cover the facts that make the learning of the piano easier than learning guitar. Hope this session will help you a lot. So, why wasting time! Let’s start our journey.

Some common facts about guitar and piano: When a guitarist comes to learn piano and vice versa, he or she will find some similarities among the two instruments. The major similarities in the notes of them. As both the guitar and the piano follow the octave. The most significant fact is that a string of the guitar is like a mini piano. Getting confused? Let me clear it. Each string of the guitar can play different note where each key in a piano can play only one note. So, the six strings of the guitar seem like a six-miniature piano. This is one of the reasons why a beginner should learn a piano first.

Playing differences among the two: Here we are going to discuss about some playing differences of the two instruments. It’s easy to guess the reason that why these are different in playing. Because, a guitar is a string instrument and a piano is a chordophone with keyboard which is sounded by hammers. When we play guitar we have to strumming, fingerpicking the strings of the guitar. On the other hand, we simply need to press the keys to play the piano. Here are some other differences on playing style are given below.

  1. Fingering Blueprint: The fingering blueprints are different in two musical instruments. For an example, in the guitar, the first finger is considered as the index finger. Where the first finger in the piano is considered as the thumb. So, if a guitarist will come to learn piano, then he will put his index finger on the keyboard to follow the blueprint for a piano music. The alternative may occur, when a pianist will go to play guitar.
  2. Using both hand: In the piano, you have to use both of your hand to play different notes. If you learn a guitar first, then it will seem quite difficult for you to adapt. In the guitar, the fretting hand and the strumming hand both are used to play the single chord. But in the piano, two hands are used to play different keys.
  3. Playing a single note: Piano is a lot easier to play than the guitar. Playing the notes in piano follow the linear fashion. In the guitar, it seems quite difficult. In order to play a single note, you need to simply press one key. On the other-hand there are several positions in the guitar where you can play the same notes. This makes the guitar the complex one than the piano. This is another reason why a beginner should learn the piano first than the guitar.
  4. Limitations in playing notes: Using the piano, one can play maximum 8 to 10 notes at a time. But, on the guitar, one can play at most 6 notes at a time. In this fact, guitar has some limitations playing the music than the piano.

Visual differences: In the piano, it seems quite easy to see all the notes at a time. It has more visual clearance than the guitar notes. For a beginner, it seems quite difficult to learn all the notes of the strings. But, it in the piano the keys open in front of you. You have to just memorize them by seeing the position of them. The other thing is in the piano the notes are side by side. But, in the guitar, the notes are sometimes far from each other. So, it will take a lot more time to learn to play all the notes.

Giving the picture of a song: As you know, on the piano you can only play maximum six notes at a time. On the other hand, piano gives you some advantages over this. In the piano, you can play different supporting chords and melody to give the complete picture of a song. In the guitar, it seems quite difficult to give the complete picture of the song with its limited notes.

Different techniques of playing: It has to be said that the guitar has a lot of technique to play. Some of the awesome techniques are bending, fingerpicking, vibrating, strumming etc. With this technique, you can play the music a different rhythm. You can also see different guitar techniques. It may help you to learn guitar also. In piano, there is a simple variation than the guitar.

Portability: The final and most important thing is portability. You can easily bring your guitar with you anywhere. You can play your guitar in the friend zone. Which makes you popular among your friends. On the other hand, piano is not as portable as a guitar. You have to sit in front of the piano to play it. It will require a lot more place too.

Final Words: Both the guitar and the piano have their different world. When you try to learn one of them, you can see the depth of them. But, something you have to know is whatever instrument you are going to learn, the basics of a piano you have to learn first. It will help you to understand musical scales, musical timing, chord progressions, musical notations, time signatures etc. The most important thing is it will help you to understand the musical theory. On the other hand, learning a guitar gives a lot of fun while playing. So, now it’s your decision to learn a guitar first or the piano. Hope this article will help you to decide what to learn. The guitar or the piano.

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