How many keys on a piano are there?Best piano keyboards

You may be thinking why are we even discussing this? The point is if you are learning to play a piano, you will need to know this and if you are not, then you may be simply in knowing about this. You may be just interested into knowing How many keys on a piano are there. You may want to know about this for any reason, the bottom line remains the same that learning this popular art form means acquiring a great skill.

Yes How many keys on a piano are there?

Many people have this query about how many keys on a piano normally used to be. You will be surprised to know that a regular piano has 88 keys that have 7 octave notes. There are actually 52 white keys in all and 36 black colored keys that make the whole piano. It is true that piano is considered to be a difficult instrument because of all this. However, with all these difficulties it is one of the most popular musical instruments that you can learn.

Why are there 88 keys in a piano?

There are both practical and historical reasons for the modern piano to have 88 keys in total. It happened that the piano had originated from harpsichord which had 60 keys initially. So, the first of the lot had 60 keys and 5 octaves to begin with; as days passed, composers felt this was not enough. With course of time, there developed the modern piano that was equipped with 88 keys. It was argued that this was the right blend and anything beyond this would not sound pleasing to the ears.

Can it exceed 88 keys?

The fact is the human ear will not be able to distinguish anything more than the 88 keys and added notes. A 102 key piano can be very expensive and may not make much of a difference to our ears. There are no doubts, why people usually do not want to opt for this kind of a piano. Hence, the popularity of the 88 keys makes sense also and most people think there is no need to invest in such expensive equipment.

Where do you buy a piano?

You can certainly buy it from a traditional shop but these days you can buy them online as well. There are many online merchants that sell quality pianos and you can get a range to select from. In addition, to traditional ones, you can even buy digital pianos of various kinds. You can also get time to time discounts that can sweeten the deal for you. In a way, it can be said that buying online can be quite beneficial for people looking to buy in a budget.

How to buy a piano?

You need to think about this seriously because buying a piano can be big decision and based on your requirements, your affordability and how many keys on a piano. Remember that a piano can be equipment worth keeping but you need to think practically while purchasing one. For starters, you should think about the space requirement. In case, you have space crunch, then getting an electric piano can be a good idea. Here are some more pointers that you can follow while investing in one:

  • Decide what is the budget you are willing to spend
  • If you are beginner, you can get a simple one and advance to a better model as you progress
  • Find out the different kinds of keyboards, synthesizers and pianos available
  • Pick how many keys you want to go for
  • Choose a keyboard or a piano that is easy to play
  • Invest in a low maintenance musical equipment that does not need much of your care
  • Weigh the sound quality if possible and then take a call

Now, you know about How many keys on a piano are there, we would like to tell you truth that you need to have patience while learning so many keys. It takes practice and a lot of understanding. Get familiar with the notes first followed by familiarizing with the keys and its sounds. This will take some time but you can start with this and accomplish your goals as you progress. Learning playing a piano can be a real deal and remember it is a skill of a lifetime.


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