Yamaha P115B Weighted Action Digital Piano with Keyboard Stand and Piano Bench review


The Yamaha P115B is far better than any of its predecessors of the series. The piano has touch screen controls that makes it so easy to operate the piano, not to mention you will not spend precious time searching for your favorite effects. The CF engine is able to reproduce the exact sound of a grand piano. This piano is an exceptional piece of gear that one music enthusiast should buy.

Benefits of Yamaha P115B Weighted Action Digital Piano:

This is one of the best pianos in the market and it is not surprising that it will have fabulous benefits. After all Yamaha is reputed brand and is known to produce the best musical instruments to be used by humans. Here are the benefits of the piano.

  • Easy to use controls
  • The instrument has tutorials
  • Users can plug in standard headphones to practice
  • Very lightweight and so it can be carried anywhere.

Features Yamaha P115B Weighted Action Digital Piano:


  • Powerful performance: The good thing about this piano is that you can connect it to an amplifier in case you are participating in an outdoor performance
  • Various pianist style: This is the best feature in the piano, with this you are able to build rich accompaniments with your music. You will have access to 10 different styles to go with your music.
  • Sensitive touch: The keys have the same sensitivity as an acoustic piano; this actually helps you to develop proper finger technique.
  • In built rhythms: The piano has many rhythm patterns that will come in handy during performances or practice sessions which will let you explore a wide spectrum musically.
  • CF Sample: This feature is the best in this piano as it replicates the sound of a grand piano with a rich and warm tone
  • Light weight: The piano I very light weight and it can be carried around very easily.


  • 192 polyphonic tones to choose from
  • A USB port
  • Very portable
  • Great finishing
  • User-friendly controls
  • Rich warm sound
  • Users can use headphones for practice
  • Keys are touch sensitive
  • The piano comes with a comprehensive user manual with clear instructions


Some customers are unhappy about the fact that the warranty is only for three years and that too if you buy it from Amazon, but that does not mean that the piano is of bad quality. Over all the response for this piano have been favorable, most customers have given this.


So these are some of the most important information regarding the Yamaha P115B, as a customer you will be very pleased to use this piano simply because it’s fabulous features make music making a sheer delight. This piano from Yamaha is well worth the money you spend on it. If you are musical enthusiasts then do not hesitate to buy his piano which is sold at a very reasonable rate on any online store.

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