Famous 12 Blind Piano Players all the time | A Detailed Overview – Updated 2017

Who are the most famous piano players who have ever lived? Musicians always have this debate on the topic of “Being gifted VS trained.” I have heard a lot of blind Piano player name.  For years all musicians have been making music that inspires as well the heartfelt music that is provoked by sincere passion has been acknowledged tempestuously by the audience.

When playing an instrument, being able to see is definitely helpful, right? But who made himself popular and established all over the world only without the help of the sense of sight. It is really tough. Then, imagine getting really good at it.

Tips on Playing Piano for Blind piano Players:

These tips will confirm helpful for a blind piano player who wants to learn to play piano and become a pro pianist. Let’s take a look.

  • First of all, Braille is an incredibly inefficient way of notating music.
  • Braille music resources are available someone may collect it
  • A technique to play by ear, memorize notes and feeling and to play with heart
  • You have to listen first, and you have to commit yourself I will do it.
  • It is important for blind pianists to develop musical ears and it should work as their eyes as they learn and understand various concepts of piano
  • The more you will listen the more you will learn

Irrespective, here are a few famous blind piano players who have established a name for themselves through with sheer hard work as well perseverance. I will be sharing a list of popular ones and some quick details on how they learned to play this beautiful instrument. Here are ten of the most famous and inspiring best blind piano players:

1.Ray Charles:

Image Source:collegian.com

The Father of Soul was born in the Deep South in 1930

When I begin to write my article, I was thinking this man without any doubt will be the number one in my list. The brilliant African American best piano player has made a name for himself as one of the greatest musicians working today. He was not only a piano musician but also He is also a writer songwriter and singer.

He was not blind from birth. Ray began losing his sight at the age of 5, by 7 years old he was completely blind. His music assisted in encouraging other blind black musicians such as the famed Stevie Wonder. His iconic hits like “Georgia on My Mind,” and “Hit the Road Jack,” are still listened to, sung or hummed by thousands of people across the earth every day.

Stevie Wonder:

Image Source:okmagazine.ro

Stevie is another famous blind piano player who was inspired by Ray Charles. Stevie Wonder was born in 1950, and even though he was not born blind, he lost his sight just like Ray Charles. He is probably the most famous blind musician ever I have seen. He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barrack Obama in 2014, but Stevie Wonder corpse humble about his lifetime success telling there is no way we can discover peace with the ego.

Ronnie Millsap:

Image Source:billboard.com

Ronnie Milsap, an American performer of country piano music, is one of the most influential musicians of 70s as well 80s. He is acknowledged to have been playing instrument majority of the time as a youth, and in the child, he played drums and harmonica along with piano for a choir at church.

George Shearing:

Image Source:allaboutjazz.com

George Shearing is one of the best piano players in the Jazz genre. He was born in England in 1919 and not only has this blind piano player executed all over the Earth and composed over three hundred of his own original songs. It was his love and passion for playing this instrument that made him achieve the place among most popular blind piano players.

Nobuyuki Tsujii:

Image Source:harrisonparrott.com

Nobuyuki Tsujii was born blind due to Microphthalmia in 1988. One of the most popular blind piano players, Nobuyuki carried an endowment of music by birth. He was truly inspiring in playing piano as well later he also gave rise his own classical music. This Japanese pianist plus composer owns a number of albums with his innovative compositions.

Andrea Bocelli:

Image Source:o2arena.cz

Andrea Bocelli is one of the greatest singers all over the world. He commenced at the age of six with the piano and later took up woodwind instruments as well. Likely, he has not yet seen the climax of his career as well will still be assembly charts for a decade to come.

Art Tatum:

Image Source:bbc.co

Art Tatum is the world’s most well-known blind jazz musician. Unluckily, Art Tatum’s life was cut short when in 1956; he died as an effect of kidney failure. Tatum posthumously gained the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1989.


Image Source:pinterest.com

Blind musician Moondog was not a vast commercial success or even a stable resident on the Billboard Hot hundred, but he was a New York musical legend in his own inimitable way. He went blind at the age of sixteen when a dynamite cap, detected deserted in a field, burst near his face. While Moondog did not lead a life of riches or fame, but for legend activity, he will be in the heart of general people.

Jeff Healey:

Image Source:straight.com

Jeff Healey is a blind piano player and musician when it comes to some classical music. Healey died far too early in 2008 from lung cancer. Before he long Healey was filling stadiums with adoring fans.

Diane Schuur:

Image Source:gettyimages.com

Needless, otherwise known as Diane Schuur, is a blind piano player and singer who has performed with some of the most famous names in music. She was so self-regulating that even though she began at a residential school for the blind, she finally enrolled in a traditional public school.

Blind Willie Johnson:

Image Source:npr.org

Blind Willie McTell was born at the tail end of the 19th century. He is also one of the best blind piano players. He became blind at the age of 5 suffering from glaucoma and cataracts.And He also found out to play some other instruments, but his work as a pianist is most valued and appreciated.

Joaquin Rodrigo:

                                                                                                    Image Source:bbc.co.uk

Rodrigo is a famous Spanish musician when it comes to some classical music. When he arrived at the age of twenty years, he had already accomplished the status of a popular violinist. He was also a blind piano player.

Final verdict:

Here I have mentioned the name of all best piano players. Believe the lives of these familiar people as you start your journey, whatever it may be, and be familiar with that you too will make your mark if you follow your dreams. I will come with one of my friend stories and who is blind and going to be the best piano player soon. Bye for today.

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