A genuine Yamaha PSRE353 61-Key Portable Keyboard review


Yamaha is known for its quality, out of the box thinking and most importantly for pioneering ground breaking ideas. If you are want affordable solutions while looking for an electric piano, then any budding musician would be glad to start with a Yamaha. This present product that is under scanner here is the Yamaha PSRE353 61-Key Portable Keyboard which is yet another classic organ. Let us have a look at it in details.


Benefits of the Yamaha PSRE353 61-Key Portable Keyboard

Just like any other digital piano this model comes with its own set of benefits and they are like:


  • Portability is its main aspect
  • Can be taken anywhere for practice
  • Has touch sensitive keys
  • Comes with a lot of accessories
  • The Yamaha Education Suite or Y.E.S. is an added advantage
  • Proves its digital worth with iPad and computer connectivity

Feature of the Yamaha PSRE353 61-Key

Yes, a Yamaha has its own set of features and the Yamaha PSRE353 61-Key Portable Keyboard is no exception to this rule. We have tried our best to collate its best attributes in one place and they are as follows:


  1. Keys – What makes this a wonder product is the touch sensitive keyboard. The keys are so dynamic that if you hit them hard, you will hear the noise quite well out loud. Not to mention, that this reminds you of an acoustic piano and it lends this electric piano a realistic touch.


  1. Digital compatibility – Do you have to think about a Yamaha being digital? Hands down, this model is the mother of all digital musical instruments in this range. Be it USB, iPad, or a computer, if you know how to connect it, then you are going to rock the show for sure.


  1. Aux Line Input – No matter how we talk about this, it will sound like very little to you once you get your hands on this product. Hear it through the inbuilt speakers, on an MP3 player, connect it to a Mixer or connect it to the Melody Suppressor for volume control, you know you have gold in your hands. It does not end with this as it has more and all you need is to get one today and see it for yourself!


The Yamaha PSRE353 61-Key has a problem that of the keys not being weighted. Now, this is a digital piano and that is supposed to have lighter keys only. Most users have complained of the fact that you have to buy an adapter for this model, but again this does not bring down the quality of this product.


If you are a hobbyist, then getting a Yamaha PSRE353 61-Key Portable Keyboard could be a good idea. You can improve on your skills in a creative way and enjoy your music at the same time. You get a lot of features in this musical instrument without the asking price being very high. What are you waiting for?


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