Yamaha Arius YDP143R Series Console Digital Piano with Bench, Rosewood review


Yamaha has been making fabulous pianos for decades and most of their products are being used by musicians all over the world. The Yamaha Arius YDP143R Series Console is the latest product from the brand and it has already become quite a rage with musicians. This piano is made for serious players and the finishing of the piano is top notch. As a customer you will not regret buying this piano, it is worth every penny you spend on it.

Benefits Yamaha Arius YDP143R Series Console:


  • The piano is easy to use and you can call up any sound
  • The finishing is very good and it will last for a long time
  • The piano has inbuilt songs that you can play along to and learn the instrument
  • Rich warm sound
  • The piano weighs about 12 pounds which a lot lighter than real pianos.

Features of Yamaha Arius YDP143R  Series Console:

  • Unmatched sound quality: The CF technology in this piano helps to replicate the sound of a grand piano with a lot of perfection. This is possible because Yamaha has perfected the technology of sampling, so do not be shocked if you find that your piano sounds like a grand piano that is used in concerts.
  • Smooth feel and great playability: This 88 key piano provides a smooth touch while playing, so beginners can even focus on proper finger placements while playing. The black keys are matte finish so there is little chance of your fingers slipping off them.
  • Good pedal performance: The pedals on this piano are no different than the ones found on the grand piano. The pedals are really helpful in creating those subtle sustained notes that every player loves to play, the sound is very close to that of a real piano. You will also notice certain changes when a key is pressed along with the pedal.
  • Headphone compatibility: This is one of the best features by far as the piano allows you to plug in headphones in case you would like to practice without disturbing anyone.
  • Recording function: Most players would like to listen to themselves to judge their progress and this piano does just that. With the click of a button, you can record two tracks at the same time. You can even use those tracks as a playback during your performance to create a more atmospheric music.


  • The piano has a two-track recorder that helps players to take their music to different levels
  • This piano can be connected to computers for professional recordings
  • The piano has 50 different songs built in for practice
  • The touch sensitivity in the piano is unmatched


Even though Yamaha is very reputed brand there are some people who just do not like this product and there is nothing you can really do about it. On the other hand, most customers have given this piano five-star ratings based on its quality and performance.


Well, it is evident from the information provided above that this piano can pack in one powerful performance, so if you are music enthusiast then this musical instrument is just what you need.

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