Nord Piano 3 Review – Editors Pick| Must Have Item for Piano Lovers – Updated 2017

How are you? I was passing some best time with my grandmother. She loves me much. I love my grandfather and grand mom so much, and there might be a case. The case is about the piano. I had learned piano from my grandfather. The piano is my best companion while I stay alone. We had some good time in today’s morning.

Okay leave it, as a fanatic fan of piano I love to write about piano, and I have reviewed many items on my blog. Now it’s afternoon here in my city. Usually, I like to play in the afternoon time. But the problem is rain! It’s raining here in the outside. I decided to stay home and to write about a new topic for you. The topic name is “Nord piano 3 review.”

Nord is one of the famous brands that are highly valued when it comes to digital instrument world. Consistently rescuing new keyboard technology in alignment with an ever flourishing library of unique sounds, the Nord Piano 3 is the latest device sent to win over players of all styles.

The Nord Piano 3 afford you buttons and knobs for every function as well Nord’s Triple-pedal with dynamic sustain. If you are a serious pianist, you require a serious stage piano – This Piano 3 HA88. Read the highlighted issue that you should bear in mind before you make your purchase.


Virtual hammer action:

The Nord Virtual Hammer Technology simulates the hammer motions in a Grand Piano with excellent dynamic and authenticity response. The Nord Hammer Technology permits you to make a new note without enlivening the key completely.

The Nord 3 is also capable of the layer and split modes so that you will be able to create complex and best sounding performances with simple as well as easy operation which is perfect for live performances.


Excellent Keys and unique voices:

The keypad weights enhanced dynamic control, putting up an authentic and reliable piano feel. The individual fatal keypads are scrupulously calibrated at the Nord factory to assure an even response over the whole range.

The Nord Piano comes with voice pre-loaded, but y change them you will be able to alter the voices on the included DVD with this item, it is simply a case of associating to your dragging and computer and dropping the entire files in the Sound Manager.

Dynamic release and powerful effects:

The Hammer Action Technology also comes with velocity sensitive release, dynamically damping the sound based on how rapidly you can release the key. Also located on the top side panel of the Nord Piano 3 is the easy and so much simple to use effects control panel that affords you the ability to add pan, chorus, tremolo, EQ, and reverb.

OLED Display, Intuitive and expressive:

The clear OLED display affords an excellent impression when editing or selecting Sounds, Effects as well Programs on stage. A new function permits you to effortlessly reorganize the order of Pianos, Programs, and Samples.

The Nord 3 HA 88 comes with Nord’s Triple Pedal, which includes with a dynamic pedal that can re-create usual mechanical damper noises and elevate your piano performances to a higher level of realism and expressiveness.


Nord quality for trouble free use & Sample Synth Section:

Nord’s piano keyboards are built and designed to the highest criteria for years of serious professional and master use, and their sound libraries are purely top-notch. The keyboardists or musicians here at Sweet water hold their products in tremendously high regard.

The Synth section in the Nord 3 has 256MB memory dedicated to the Sample Library 2.0 – Nord’s necessity selection of high-quality sampled sounds from a broad range of genres together with the exclusively licensed or certified sounds of the Chamberlin and Mellotron.

Mentionable features at a glance:

  • 88-note Triple Sensor keypad with improved grand weighted action
  • OLED display for the best overview
  • Dedicated knobs as well buttons for every function
  • 1 GB memory for Nord Piano Library
  • FX engine includes Phaser, Chorus, Reverb, Delay, Wah, Flanger, Compressor, 3-band EQ, and AMP Simulations
  • Comes with Nord’s Triple Pedal
  • 256 MB for Nord Sample Library
  • Classic Nord Piano sound
  • Separate Reverb or Delay effects
  • Tremolo, Pan, Ring-Mod, and Wa-wa can be insured with Control Pedal


Delightful action

Excellent included acoustic pianos

Customizable sound set

EPs and sample library

Surprisingly portable

High-quality onboard impressions to add icing to your piano cake

Plenty of controlling power under your fingers


Voice stealing which has Synth section can be an issue

Cost is high

Some FAQ about Nord piano 3 that you should know:

Question: What are proper dimensions of this item?

Answer: 51 x 4.8 x 13.4 inches

Question: What is the original weight of this item?

Answer: 40 pounds

Question: Does it include with a bag?

Answer: Yes it does.

Final Verdict:

Hey, I am in the last race of today’s topic. Within a short guideline, I have tried my level best to give you some valuable information’s about this item. I have this item right now and I know how I feel with this great item. Honestly, you won’t regret your purchase!

Like no other Nord, Piano 3 is a performers and player’s keyboard. The sensitivity and finesse Nord has implemented will be best enjoyed by those who can play. Make sure you are a good artist. It’s not a beginner level item, so you have to be strong in your area.

As constantly with Nord, its evolution, not revolution, but as far as authentic, real feeling and sounding stage pianos go, the Nord piano 3 is very hard to beat. I have to leave right. Enjoy your time. I promise I will come with another new topic soon. Happy shopping and let me know your thoughts in comment section.

Love you all. One line, before you move tries to read some customer reviews on Amazon! Again It’s best Just, BEST! Happy shopping!



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